My Model Train - Ho Scale

Shots of my HO Scale Model Train. Hand built over a two plus years with a layout space of 80 sqft. There are multiple scenes including a close to scale of Longs Peak, a farm and Italian Villa and much more. The mountains, lakes and base are made with carved styrofoam. Many of these photos are shot using a "Focus Stacked" method. It means taking 3 to 8 shots on a tripod with each shot's focus going deeper into the scene and then merge them together. The result is that nearly everything is in focus ....  take a peak full screen on a bigger screen and everything will be crisp/focused.... hopefully. I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed building this... Oh by the way, you may notice I did Photoshop in a little background to hide my dirty basement.

(Click on a photo to view full screen & scroll through the collection.)