Below is a log of the additions and changes made to the website.

This list is chronological. It lists new additions such as photos added to a collection or  the addition of a new collection. The intent is to help returning visitors to easily find new postings instead of browsing through the entire catalog. Where possible I will have a text link to take you directly to that gallery.


  1. Jan 1, 2020 : Official Release of the site.

  2. Jan 3 Added counter and Guestbook page 

  3. Jan 6 Enhanced mobile phone navigation with expanded menu and to top button

  4. Jan 13, 2020 : Enhanced look and feel for Mobile Devices, added Navigation Button and improved Menu

    1. Added "My Favorite" Mini gallery - allows sampling of my work​

    2. Added "My Model Train" Mini Gallery - my HO Scale train

    3. Added "Snow Village" Mini Gallery - Our Department 56 Christmas Village

  5. August 27, 2020 Added BubblesandWaterdrops also updated Fireworks and Astrophotography.​

What's New