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Above is a small selection of my photos, a quick peek into my work.

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    Welcome to my Photography Gallery, a collection of photos I captured on my travels, adventures and even in my own backyard. You will find a wide variety of subjects and genres. Just about anything that catches my eye: from the Milky Way, to the Rocky Mountains, the architecture of Europe & the United States, birds, nature and even down to bees and dragon flies.Please take some time to browse the various Mini Galleries. I hope you enjoy my work and find one or two photos to be special. If you did enjoy them, let your friends know.


My intent for this website is to share my photos with family and friends. I also hope that others I have not met find this site and enjoy it. If you see a photo that you’d like to have a print of, let me know on our contact page and we will figure out how to get that accomplished. My intent is not for this site to be a commercial success, but rather a place where you can see interesting photos and relax. I also would like to know what you think, good or bad. It will help me grow as a photographer.


Thank you for visiting my site.

Ken Stickrod (   

 PS. To my friends on their phone, IMHO some of these photos are much better on a big screen.

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